Singing voice has an enormous potential for bringing harmony into our inner world. It has been used for ages in various spiritual traditions.

In order to maximize it´s power the voice has to prepared. For the most people it means to make at least a short training to recieve benefits from singing.

It is important to know what songs is better to sing and how to sing to give your voice power and .

Lalitya and Ravi,

authors of the singing  method “VOCAL HARMONY”


The “VOCAL HARMONY” 4 steps method to open your voice in a soft and pleasant way

  • Relaxation and Breath

    At the first stage, you develop the skills of relaxation and perception on the sensations of your body through soft breathing practices and mindful sounding practices. This will help remove clips and blocks that interfere with the sound of the voice. Your voice will begin to open, freedom will appear. Additional effect: general relaxation of the body will occur, breathing will slow down, the lungs will develop, the chest will open. Breathe freer and easier.

  • Hearing training

    At the second step, you will develop the habit of listening to your voice from the inside. Due to which there will be a connection with voice and hearing. You will learn to tune in to your own frequency and begin to sing with your natural voice. The voice will become clear and deep. Additional effect: the body will be filled with vibration, there will be a connection with your body. You will begin to feel your voice, hear yourself from the outside. There will be more awareness and attentiveness in your life.

  • Calibration and tuning

    At the third stage, you will develop the skill of sounding the voice through singing musical phrases. The voice device will be adjusted, as well as voice and hearing calibration. You will accurately hit and hear the notes. Additional effect: the brain and blood will be enriched with oxygen. This will help strengthen the immune system. There will be a release of endorphins and oxytocins. The mood will improve. Feel the lift and joy of wanting to sing more.

  • Melody activation

    In the fourth step, you develop the skill to link the melody and the text. You will practice specially created practice songs that will help you develop the ability to feel the melody, as well as hit the notes, the rhythm. Your range is increasing. You play freely high and low notes freely. An additional effect: you will lose embarrassment and excitement that you will be judged. You will sing confidently, you will love your voice. You will sing!


Group lessons for many of our students have become a good start in the movement to discover their individual sound. The group dynamics and polyphony of the participants’ voices help to create an effective field for reconnecting with one’s own voice.

We invite to our classes, trainings and seminars those who feel that they would like to pay more attention to their voice, to feel the new possibilities of their body. Through relaxation and movement, letting go and trust, singing special songs and melodies – allow yourself to enjoy the sound of your unique and inimitable voice!


In 2015 we have created the SATGITA musical band. The songs we wrote and recorded were inspired by meditation together. The performances of our group were called – concert-meditation. And they are about the fact that the viewer could come to a state of awareness here and now through music, songs and silence between songs. We performed in many cities of Russia, Greece, Israel, Germany, Portugal.

You can listen to our music, read more about us by clicking the button below:


After the release of our first album “Stars Within” in 2016, we began to receive individual requests to open our voice. We started to hold sessions and groups called “THE JOY OF BEING A SOUND”. At each session, we explored the sound of different voices and the individual characteristics of each person.

We help people to find a way to feel individual voice in one lesson, start singing right away without long preparation and special vocal skills. Our task is to create a suitable environment and such musical accompaniment that would allow a person to plunge into a special state of trust and free manifestation. From this state, a person connects with himself and opens the door to his sleeping voice.

This is how our method of vocal harmonization was born. Thanks to our system, a person without vocal techniques begins to sound with his natural voice and can feel its vibration, which spreads throughout the body and gives a state of peace, relaxation, peace, joy and harmony.


Text about individual sessions will come here later on.



vocal coach, singer, meditator

Ravi was born in Minsk in a family of teachers. At the music school, he played the cello, soloed in school choirs, and played the guitar. Started writing songs at the age of 17. Toured in Belarus, Germany, Austria, Ukraine, Russia. Recorded 13 solo albums as "Atmoravi".


vocal coach, singer, meditator

Lalitya was born in Moscow in a family of musicians. From the age of 16 she began her professional life as a singer and a musician. She graduated from a music school as a pop singer and vocal teacher. She sang and performed at events, festivals, toured Russia, worked at studios as a backing vocalist. She organized events, worked as an entertainer.

The most common question is “why are your names so strange?”.

Lalitya - from Sanskrit is translated as mercy, grace. 12 years ago I received this name at a meditation retreat as a reminder that a person is not only a body, but also a soul and spirit. To live not for the sake of suffering, but for the celebration of every moment, being in your truth and love for yourself and people.

Atmoravi - received the name for more than 30 years at his request in India from the master Osho. It means - the sun and is also a symbol of conscious life, totality in every action, acceptance of one's nature and disidentification with one's habits and ideas about oneself.

Both of us have been interested in the spiritual search since childhood. Throughout my life, the question arose: who am I, why is this all, how to learn to be happy in every moment. The answers to these questions came when we both found our master - Osho. Ravi in 1991, Lalitya in 2010.

When we met in 2015, we saw similarities in our approach to singing, music and life. The main value for us was that the inner search for oneself is an important part of everyone's life. And Osho meditation methods help to practice mindfulness without going to a monastery.

For us, this is an important key - to do what we love, to take every situation as a spiritual practice, to accept ourselves and others.

In our work we have combined music and meditation. Through music, one can get a clear feeling of the present moment. And through conscious singing with a natural voice one connects with one´s soul.

And we are glad that we manage to make meditation beautiful and music meditative.


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